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hoarder main hoarder is a lightweight Java CMS (content management system) library which provides content management services for both text and binary data. hoarder differs from existing content management systems in that hoarder takes a minimalist approach to content management under the assertion that overly-broad scope is appropriate for some, but for the rest, a simpler, modular solution is required. hoarder's inherent simplicity stems from its modularity which means that it does not lock the user into any proprietary user-interfaces, processes or other perhaps-extraneous features. The hoarder library provides a low-level api on top of which to develop custom user-interfaces while only exposing as much or as little functionality as individual requirements warrant.

The project is currently in pre-alpha development and binary resource support has only been partially implemented. Full implementations of binary and text handling should be available in a near-future release.

The project is under active and ongoing development, and a few releases are available, however, the project is not yet suitable for production environments. The project is released under a BSD license.

We are currently looking for additional developers.


Latest Release:  hoarder-0.1.1

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last updated: 2004.05.16