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oh logo Jason Oh: Project Manager, Lead Developer. Jason originally comes from the legal and publishing industries in New York City where he worked for several years primarily on mergers & acquisitions as well as intellectual property law. He formally started his technical career at Goldman Sachs where he worked on proprietary java-based real-time electronic trading systems. He currently works for a multi-national investment bank where he has worn the hats of software architect, technical lead, designer, tester, support, and now works primarily as a developer on mission-critical distributed J2EE-based fixed-income trading/analytic systems. He received a BA from UC Berkeley and earned an MS from the University of Chicago. In his free time, Jason enjoys sailing, oil painting, writing, and otherwise fulfilling his imperative to create.

Vishal Abrol:: Developer, DBA. Vishal recieved a degree in computer science from India and moved to the US 5-6 years ago. Since then he has been involved in the healthcare industry. A large part of his experience lay with HL7 interfaces and system migration. Vishal started working with J2EE systems roughly a year ago.

Venkatesh (Venky) Sellappa: Developer. Likes to be called a programmer. He has held the roles of software architect, technical lead, designer, developer, tester and code-monkey at various times. Venky currently works for a multi-national investment bank developing trading platforms for various different products for the emerging markets division (Fixed income, Foreign Exchange, Money Markets, etc.). He is a strong believer in the Open-Source movement and can be found quoting from the "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" at opportune, and not so opportune, moments.

Mauro Cicio: Design/Development Consultant (limited contribution). Mauro got his degree in pure mathematics (Perugia - Italy) and wanted to start a career as a researcher when he fell in love with the open source movement. This brought him back to university to learn the theoretical basics of CS (Bologna - Italy). Since then, he has worked in the sw development area for mobile telephone-related companies. Over the years he has been, often at the same time, architect, designer, developer and technical leader. At the moment he is the coordinator of project managers of a German company and a leader of a mobile banking system project. He mainly works with J2SE/J2EE, reserving the pleasure to program in ruby to his open source activities. He likes cinema, chess, reading and talking.

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